For Ruby on Rails:

The Setup:

Your ActiveResource will look like this:

class VinApi < ActiveResource::Base
  headers["X-VinApiKey"] = "YOUR_API_KEY_GOES_HERE"
  self.site = "http://vinapi.skizmo.com"
  self.element_name = "vin"


# call from anywhere in your application - models, controllers, views, libs ...
VinApi.find("VIN GOES HERE")

# and get this result set
{"vin"          => "VIN GOES HERE", 
 "year"         => "2003",
 "make"         => "HONDA", 
 "model"        => "ACCORD EX", 
 "body_style"   => "COUPE", 
 "engine_type"  => "3.0L V6  SFI SOHC 24V", 
 "country"      => "UNITED STATES"} 

For more information:

For more information, see our Examples page or look through pullmonkey.com's VIN API posts.